PurpleBlack is your all-in-one partner for native advertising.
As one of the leading agencies for Native Advertising (including Taboola Ads, Outbrain Ads, MGID Ads, and more), we are always focused on one thing: achieving maximum performance for our clients. This understanding is deeply embedded in our DNA.
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Physical Offices
Visit us at our headquarters in Graz, Austria, or in our branch in Bucharest, Romania.
Years of Experience
We focus exclusively on native advertising and have experience with nearly every native ads platform.
Each year, we test hundreds of landing pages for data-driven client performance improvements.
Your brand will be in good company
PurpleBlack collaborates with leading brands globally to enhance their native advertising strategies, working with our teams in physical offices and our remote workforce.
Marcel Sattler
Marcel Sattler
Performance is our DNA 🧬
I started affiliate marketing at the age of 17 and learned the hard way that, at the end of the day, only one number matters: How much profit have I made?
This challenge, combined with an understanding of psychological marketing, helped me develop a framework for success in mastering native advertising. This knowledge remains relevant as we continue to refine and enhance it to ensure our clients' success.
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